tt QUIZ number three WITH THE ANSWERS

Just for fun.. simply name the years
to which these TT Headlines belong

Q1 Joey Dunlop wins his first TT....1977

Q2 Seamen’s Strike causes TT to be postponed....1966

Q3 Bob McIntyre breaks 100mph lap barrier....1957

Q4 Beryl Swain becomes first solo female competitor....1962

Q5 Racing begins on the Clypse course....1954

Q6 Ian Hutchinson wins five TTs in a week....2010

Q7 Foot and Mouth epidemic halts TT....2001

Q8 TT Racing resumes after World War 2....1947

Q9 Dick Greasley / Mick Skeels break 100mph barrier in the sidecar class....1977

Q10 Dave Molyneux makes TT debut....1985

Q11 Giacomo Agostini races in his final TT race....1972

Q12 The Birchalls raise the lap record to 119.25mph....2018

Q13 Fritz Scheidegger disqualified then reinstated....1966

Q14 Reg Armstrong’s chain snaps as he crosses the line to win the Senior TT....1952

Q15 Geoff Duke finishes 4th in his last TT race....1959

I hope you enjoyed this fun only quiz, I will be doing another one soon.


Graham Bean.