tt QUIZ number FOUR with answers.

 A mixture of ‘fun’
questions for you to have a go at this time…


1 Who officially first lapped the Mountain Course at an average of over 125mph – year and race?

David Jefferies; 2000 Senior TT

2 Which TT rider doubled for David Essex in ‘Silver Dream Racer’?

Roger Marshall

3 The first rider to win two TT races in a week crashed at a ‘Z’ bend in the 1932 Senior, the location later adopting his name. Who is he?

Wal Handley

4 Who has recorded the fastest lap around the Mountain Course by a rider from the Republic of Ireland – 128.78mph

Derek Sheils

5 Who was the only competitor to win two TTs in one week on two different courses – one around the Mountain Course, the other on the Clypse Course?

Bill Lomas -1955

6 In the all-time list of finishes in the sidecar races, which men top the lists for drivers and passengers? They are / were not a pair.

Roy Hanks [54] & Eddie Kiff [47]

7 A remarkable achievement – which competitor has stood on the podium 30 times out of the 34 occasions he has finished a TT race?

Dave Molyneux

8 True or false… Governor’s Dip was not included on the Clypse Course?


9 Charlie Williams is the current President of the TT Supporters’ Club, but who did he succeed in this role?

Geoff Cannell

10 Where am I? ...’have the darn’

The Verandah


Graham Bean.