Overnight Rain Curtails Racing on wednesday

The revised schedule for Wednesday racing and qualifying was confined to the bin before it could be put into place. Overnight rain meant that the roads would be held open for an additional two hours before closing at 12:00 noon. The intention being to start the Supersport race at 12:45 pm, however, rain on the west side of the island delayed this start. Again Gary Thompson juggled the schedule and again it was confined to the bin. Apart from a couple of travelling marshals and the six course cars (twice) there was little to see. After three hours of trying, the prospect of racing had not improved. The road between St Ninians and Ramsey was opened at three o'clock, the Mountain Road remaining closed. The intention was to close the roads again at 6 pm and run a three lap Lightweight race, the pit stop having to be taken at the end of the first lap. This would have been the first time that the taking of a pit stop was being directed by the Clerk of the Course. Presumably to give a level playing field if the race needed to be shortened due to a change in the weather. As it happened the evenings race was abandoned two minutes before the road was due to close, again because of the weather. Back to the drawing board for Gary and co.

There were more reports of people encroaching onto the track when the road is closed. At Quarterbridge two guys stepped onto the pavement whilst the road was closed. I am not sure if they knew what day of the week it was as they staggered and got back over the wall to consume another beer.

The paddock and Grandstand areas were very busy with fans viewing the bikes and chatting with the riders. The bottom of Bray Hill was 4 deep with spectators 45 minutes before the road was due to close, likewise the Quarterbridge Road had fans positioned in gardens and on walls all the way down.

Michael Dunlop looking for a break in the weather

Jamie Coward still finding something to smile about

Speaking to Ben Birchall he said that he had been slowed by yellow flags at Tower Bends and not by the wind over the Mountain in Sidecar race 1. The time lost stopped him and brother Tom becoming the first crew to lap at over 120mph, will they achieve it in Sidecar race 2? Only time will tell.

Ben Birchall leaving nothing to chance

ex sidecar racer Dan Clark enjoying a rare ray of sunshine.

Ivan Lintin posted on Facebook that he had had a brilliant day back at work for the first time since his S100 accident. He is on a phased return and this is another positive step on his road to recovery.

The TT is attracting people from far and wide, I was speaking to someone from Seattle who was on his second visit. He had claimed his vantage point at 07:30 am this morning, not having heard that there was a delayed start. He stayed all day and did say that he hadn't been put off by the weather and had booked to come back next year. He even made an appearance on tonight's ITV4 TT programme as did Ian Huntley who has been coming to theTT since 1947.

All we can do now is hope that the weather is kind and that as many races as possible can be completed before the end of the week. A new first, five races are now scheduled for Thursday!! The Supersport race 2,and Sidecar race 2 have both been reduced to 2 laps each and the Superstock and Lightweight races have been reduced to 3 laps each. There is also the 1 lap TT Zero race and a couple of 1 lap practice sessions for the Senior bikes. Has Gary Thompson just pulled another rabbit out of the hat?

Photographs by Mike Hammonds

Mike Hammonds