TT 2019 Statistics and Awards

A total of 164 individual competitors took part in this years races, 82 in the solos and 84 in the sidecars. Maria Costello and Alun Thomas competed in both the solos and the sidecars.

Although the practice time was truncated a total of 1,144 laps were completed equating to 43,163.12 miles. The solos accounting for 1,009 laps, 38,069.57 miles,and the sidecars completed 135 laps, 5,093.55 miles. This does not include the speed controlled lap for the newcomers which wasn't officially timed..

There were 901 racing laps completed, 33,994.63 miles:

Superbike Race 87 laps, 3,282.51 miles
Supersport Race 1 105 laps, 3,961.55 miles
Supersport Race 2 112 laps, 4,225.76 miles
Superstock Race 154 laos, 5,810.42 miles
SES Zero Race 7 laps, 264.11 miles
Lightweight Race 64 laps, 2,414.72 miles
Senior Race 229 laps, 8640.97 miles
Total for the solos 758 laps, 28,599.24 miles

Sidecar Race 1 91 laps, 3,433.43 miles
Sidecar Race 2 52 laps, 1,961.96 miles
Total for sidecars 143 laps, 5,395.39 miles

The combined total for practice and racing was a total of 2,045 laps with a combined mileage of 77,157.85 miles.

A total of 80 silver replicas and 115 bronze replicas were awarded to the solo competitors and 16 silver and 14 bronze to the sidecar crews (counting two per sidecar)

Race Number of finishers Silver Replicas Bronze Replicas Finishers Awarded Plaques

Superbike 52 13 Silver 23 Bronze 16 Plaques
Supersport 1 - 48 14 Silver  22 Bronze 12 Plaques
Supersport 2 - 56 15 Silver 23 Bronze 18 Plaques
Superstock 48 13 Silver 20 Bronze 15 Plaques
Lightweight 31 11 Silver 10 Bronze 10 Plaques
SES Zero 7 3 Silver Nil 4
Senior 34 11 Silver 17 Bronze 6 Plaques
Sidecar 1 - 26 5 crews Silver 6 crews Bronze 15 Plaques
Sidecar 2 - 24 3 crews Silver 8 crews Bronze 13 Plaques

The Joey Dunlop TT Championship was won by Peter Hickman and the Sidecar TT Championship was won by Ben and Tom Birchall. The Solo and Sidecar Championship winners each received a limited edition Bremont TT Watch from the TT’s Official Timing Partner.

Jamie Coward, Prez Racing became the TT Privateer's Champion with six top ten finishes.

The Jimmy Simpson Trophy for the fastest lap in the meeting went to Peter Hickman for his 134.284 mph in the Dunlop Senior Race. He also took away the Norman Brown Trophy, The John Williams Trophy, The Don Ryder Trophy and the Formula 2 Trophy for posting the fastest lap in the Senior, Superbike, Superstock and Supersport races.

Only three riders managed to break the 130 mph barrier during practice, Dean Harrison (twice), Peter Hickman (twice) and Michael Dunlop (once). During the races it was beaten 38 times by 9 riders including for the first time by Davy Todd (twice) and Jamie Coward (once). Dean Harrison lead the way with 8 laps above 130 mph followed by Connor Cummins and Hickman (7 each), Michael Dunlop (6), James Hillier (4), David Johnson (2) and Michael Rutter (1).

The Jock Taylor Trophy went to Tom and Ben Birchall for having the fastest lap in the Sidecar Race. They also won the RAC Sidecar Trophy as overall winners with Tom taking the Craig Trophy for being the winning passenger.

In the sidecars 3 crews broke the 114 mph barrier in practice, John Holden / Lee Cain (three times), Peter Founds / Jevan Walmsley and Ben & Tom Birchall (once each) . In the races the barrier was broken 19 times, five times by Ben & Tom Birchall, John Holden / Lee Cain, Peter Founds / Jevan Walmsley, three times by Alan Founds / Jake Lowther and once by Lewis Blackstock / Patrick Rosney.

The TT Supporters Club Trophy, given to the overall winner of the two Supersport races, went to Peter Hickman.

The RST Stars of Tomorrow Trophy was won by Ryan and Callum Crowe. They are the fastest ever sidecar newcomers, eclipsing Tim Reeves, with a lap of 113.53mph. they finished fifth in Sidecar Race 1 with an amazing race average of 113.142 mph. Unfortunately they didn't start in the second race due to an electrical problem few minutes before the start.

Ben and Tom Birchall of LCR won the Motul Team Award for Technical Excellence. LCR machines filled the three podium positions in the Locate IM Sidecar Race 1 with almost half the field choosing to run LCR machines.

The Mike Perry Spirit of the TT Award has been awarded to the TT Marshals Association for the sterling work the orange army do over the TT period.

A selection of photographs taken by Mike Hammonds:

TT Privateer's Champion Jaime Coward

Newcomer Raymond Casey crossing the line during practice

Jonathan Perry was a late entry for the Supersport Race

Wayne Lockey / Mark Sayers finished 12th and 13th


French Connection......The Optimark Sidecar Racing Team



Mike Hammonds