Soggy Saturday for the Pre TT Classic

A bright early morning turned out to be a damp / wet misty afternoon on the Isle of Man.

The practices for the Pre TT Classic started on time but the weather deteriorated throughout the afternoon. The rain had gone from mizzle to drizzle to a full on shower for the start of the sidecar race.

Jamie Coward once again dominated the solo sessions along with Mike Hose and newcomer Dean Stimpson. Dean was second fastest in the Post Classic Junior practice on his 250cc Yamaha and third fastest in the 850cc class on his 500cc Manx Norton.

The only race of the day was the Vintage Motorcycle Club Sidecar Classic Race. Ten hardy crews sat on the grid in the rain and eight of them finished the four lap race. The winner was Rod Bellas with Danny Quirk in the chair, their 1200cc BLR Imp finished 15.5 second in front of Tony Thirkle and Trevor Johnsons 1070cc B.M.W. M.R.E with Keith Walters and Alun Thomas completing the podium on their 1000cc B.L.R. Honda. The sidecar guys always seem to get the rough end of the stick but their enthusiasm always shines through.

The evergreen Arthur Browning turning into Ballabeg

Jamie Coward, 350 Craven Honda, on the approach to Ballabeg

Arthur Browning hitching a ride from the course car

Rod Bellas taking the lead from Tony Thirkle at Ballabeg in the Sidecar Race

Mike Hammonds