TT 2018 The Invasion Begins

After over night rain, bikers from far and wide gathered at what started as an overcast Pier Head in Liverpool.
The scene never changes, riders inspecting each others bikes, chatting about their journeys to Liverpool, discussing the weather and wondering what is in stall for the next two weeks.

Manannan arrives, the bikes are cracked up and the invasion and loading begins. Grey skies clear on the journey over the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man is basking in sunshine.

Preparations are in full swing at the Grandstand

The paddock is filling up, Dave Molyneaux is seen chatting to the sidecar fraternity

whilst the Birchall's are seen relaxing sat on a wall waiting for a briefing by Gary Thompson (Clerk of the Course). Such a contrast to the more stressful times ahead once practice begins.  

Old friends meet up and new friends will be made. Dan Clark and Annette Daykin are captured catching up with Des Founds. They weren't sing to Des, therefore they were not trying to borrow some from Des !! (see the Chris Founds Story in a previous issue of the TTSC Magazine)