Sunday, a day of peace, tranquillity and a day with the family; that is, of course if you are not in the Isle of Man. Sunday is Race Day, the concluding 9 races of the Pre TT Classic, not the sound of the church organ but that of two stroke and four stroke machines racing around the Billown Circuit.

The weather was good with the prospect of showers later in the day. The roads closed at one thirty until 5pm for the first session and then re closed at 5: 45pm until no later than 9pm.

Support Race 4 Laps

In order that all riders get an opportunity to race the S100 club run a support race for the non qualifiers to the main races. This was the first race of the day and proved to be a comfortable victory for Darren Creer (750cc Kawasaki) by 26 seconds from Robert Mitchel-Hill who was also Kawasaki mounted. Andy Lee completed the rostrum on his 850cc Rob North Trident. 16 riders completed the race with two retirements.

1. Darren Creer 750 Kawasaki 88.846mph, 2. Robert Mitchel-Hill 750 Kawasaki 85.496mph, 3. Andy Lee 850cc Rob North Trident 83.122mph

Darren Creer

Quine & Cubbon Printers 250cc Lightweight 6 Laps

Fresh from becoming the most victorious rider at the Pre TT Classic on Saturday, Mike Hose took his 18th win in the Lightweight race. Riding a 250cc Arial Arrow Mike broke clear from Suzuki mounted Ewan Hamilton and Jeff Ward. The winning margin was 9.6 seconds from Hamilton with Ward a further 4 seconds behind. There were 12 finishes and 4 retirements. 

1. Mike Hose 250cc Arial Arrow 83.141mph, 2. Ewan Hamilton 250cc Suzuki 82.423mph, 3 Jeff Ward 250cc Suzuki 82.132mph
1 Mike Hose followed by 101 Jeff Ward and 7 Ewan Hamilton

Greystone LLC 500cc Senior 8 Laps 
The early stages of the Senior saw a four way battle between Alan Oversby, Dominic Herbertson, Mike Hose and Steve Ferguson. A full grid of 28 riders had lined up on the Castletown By-Pass Start line, with 20 riders making the chequered flag. Oversby and Herbertson broke away from the field and had a battle royal to the finish with Herbertson taking the flag by 0.251 seconds from Oversby with Mike Hose taking third place.
1. Dominic Herbertson 500 Davies M/Sport Yamaha 92.958mph, 2. Alan Oversby Davies M/Sport Honda 4 92.572mph, 3. Mike Hose 500cc Ripleyland Seeley G50 89.861.

Dominic Herbertson

Sidecar Heat 2 4 Laps

The final race of the afternoon seession was the second of the three sidecar races. Nineteen crews lined up on the start line for the four lap race. Mechanical trouble again blighted Rod Bellas and retired on the second lap. Newcomers Ronny Van Wynsberghe with Jeffrey Vromant in the chair completed two laps before dropping out, this left the remaining seventeen crews to battle out for the honours. Eddy Wright and Keiran Clarke completed the double by beating Keith Walters / Alun Thomas by 4.7 seconds with Tony Thirkle / Trevor Johnson a further 10 seconds adrift
1. Eddy Wright / Keiran Clarke 1070 Windle BMW 84.74mph, 2. Keith Walters / Alun Thomas 1000 Windle Honda 84.151mph, 3. Tony Thirkle / Trevor Johnson 1070 MRE BMW 83.002mph
Eddy Wright / Keiran Clarke

A D Hewitt Dental Practice 850cc Classic 8 laps

The weather had started to close in for the start of the evening raceswith overcast and threatening clouds. Nineteen riders lined up on the start line for the 8 lap race. Dominic Herbertson and Mike Hose both retired early leaving the way for Steve Ferguson to have a run away victory by over 26 seconds from Bob Owen with Dave Matravers third. Naturally Dave was delighted with his rostrum position having been a newcomer last year. Alec Whitwell (850cc Geoff Bates Honda) was the last of the twelve finishers.
1. Steve Ferguson 500cc Greenhall Honda 4 88.528mph, 2. Bob Owen 500cc Seeley G50 86.864, 3. Dave Matravers 500 Paton 86.843
Steve Ferguson

4 Hire Post Classic Superbike 8 Laps

Rain was threatening as the 4 Hire Post Classic Superbike Race got underway, pole setter Michael Evans led the charge up to Ballakeighan closely follwed by Mike Hose and Pete Boast. Jamie Coward and Adrian Kershaw both retired on the second lap leaving 25 riders to battle it out in worsening conditions. The heavens eventually opened and the race was stopped on the fourth lap. The leaders had been shaking their heads as they crossed the finishing line on lap three, more than a hint for the organisers to take action, which they duly did. The race result was taken at the end of the third lap, giving double MGP winner Michael Evans the victory..
1.Michael Evans  750 Kawasaki 100.694, Peter Boast 750 Yamaha OWO1 97.729mph, 3. Mike Hose 750 Kawasaki 97.562mph

Michael Evans

Manx Environmental Services 350cc Junior 8 laps

The original Manx Environmental Services 350ccJunior was red flagged on the second lap due to a crash at Cross Four Ways. The re-run was scheduled after the 4 Hire Post Classic Superbike Race over the full distance of 8 laps. Rain was falling during the race and confusion was abound when Roy Moore, commentating at Cross Four Ways, said that a 'lack of adhesion flag' was being waved further down the road. When used, this flag is held in a stationary position and not waved. The road condition was wet and the instruction to the marshals was unclear to Roy or the spectators. The race was red flagged and the result was taken from the end of the fourth lap. The race itself had been very close with three riders dicing for the lead. Dominic Herbertson beat stablemate Alan Oversby by 0.39 seconds with Steve Ferguson third just 0.008 seconds behind. Twenty one of the twenty four starters completed the race.  

1. Dominic Herbertson 350 Davies M/Sport Honda 86.435mph, 2. Alan Oversby 350 Davies M/Sport Honda 86.265mph, Steve Ferguson 350 Greenhall Honda K4 86.264mph

Sidecar Race Open Final 4 Laps

The final race of this 30th Anniversary meeting was the Sidecar Open Final again held in inclement conditions. All of the fourteen crews who started the race made it to the finish. Eddy Wright didn't quite have it his own way this time, with the lead changing between him and Keith Walters. Unfortunately for Keith he spun at Castletown Corner on lap three gifting the lead to Eddy. Keith reduced the lead to 1.5 seconds on the final circuit but could not make amends for his error. Andy Nourish with Michiel Leeflang in the chair and newcomers Herve Laur and Marie-Laure Ferrieu were fourth.
1. Eddy Wright / Keiran Clarke 1070 Windle BMW 77.162mph, 2 Keith Walters / Alun Thomas 1000 Windle Honda 77.015mph, 3 Andy Nourish / Michiel Leeflang 900 Nourish Weslake 72.331

Keith Walters / Alun Thomas