Blackford Financial Services Pre TT Classic FRIDAY EVENING PRACTICE

After a glorious day in the Isle of Man the first practice of the Pre TT Classic, run on the 4.25 mile Billown Course, commenced under a greying sky and increasingly blustery conditions.

The S100 Club have received a record entry of 294 riders for the 30th anniversary of the event, which has gone from strength to strength since its conception in 1998. The newcomers include former Moto GP racer Bernard Fau The nine race programme caters for single cylinder (250cc & 350cc) machines, Lightweight 250cc, Junior 350cc, Senior 500cc, 850cc, Classic Superbikes and Sidecars. They also run a support race for non qualifiers for the main events.
The weather deteriorated during session resulting in light rain. The red flagged was waved in the Lightweight practice after a spill at Stadium Bends with the helicopter being dispatched. The practice session was concluded at 21:05 hours  in fading light with the completion of the sidecar class.
Fastest Laps:
250/350cc Singles:
1. Mike Hose 350 Ripley AJS 7R 82.363mph, 2. Mark Herbertson 350 AJS 82.355mph, 3. Richard Hawkins 349 Ducati 81.661mph



250cc Lightweight:

1. Jeff Wardb250 Suzuki 79.933mph, 2. Barry Davison 250 Gimbert Honda 78.269mph, 3. Mike Hose 250 Ariel Arrow 77.570mph

PICTURE OF Billy Cummins 250cc Suzuki

350cc Junior:

1. Steve Ferguson 350 Greenhall Honda K4 82.696mph, 2. Dominic Herbertson 350 Davies M/sport Honda 81.607mph, 3. Barry Davison 350 Gimbert Honda 81.199 mph

PICTURE OF Stuart Robinson 348 AJS R

500cc Senior:

1. Allen Oversby 500 Davies M/Sport Honda4 91.102mph, 2. Mike Hose 500 Ripleyland Seeley G50 89.570mph, 3. Steve Ferguson 500 Greenhall Honda 4 89.520mph
1. Alan Oversby 500 Davies M/Sport Honda 4 89.967mph, 2. Dominic 500 Davies M/Sport Yamaha 88.609mph, Steve Ferguson 500 Greenhall Honda 4 88.138mph
Post Classic Junior:
1. James Cowton 250 Yamaha 1992 96.612mph, 2. Ryan Kneen 250 Rob Brew Yamaha 1992 93.564.mph, 3. Dan Sayle 250 Honda 93.486mph
1. Rod Bellas/ Danny Quirk 1200 B.L.R. IMP 82.679mph, Eddy Wright/ Keiran Clarke 1070 Windle BMW 82.384mph, 3. Keith Walters/ Alun Thomas 1000 Windle Honda 81.484

Picture Keith Walters/ Alun Thomas

All photographs from Church Bends:

The next practice session is Saturday afternoon along with the singles race and the first sidecar race. 

Mike Hammonds