From: Roy Hanks, Chairman of
ACU Benevolent Fund , and TT Supporters Club

 Dear All,

To save any confusion as to what is or is not an Official outlet,
I/we have listed below what we believe to be the full list of official outlets.

Manx MCC
G.E.White (Including all their outlets)
Motorsport Merchandise 
Mannin Retail (Including all their outlets)
Tracey's Pictures Peel Isle of Man


Book Company
Welcome Centre
Chree Brae Gifts
Sulby Glen Hotel
Promenade Shirts
Corkills Garage
TT Marshals Assoc.
Isle of Man Centre 
TT Supporters Club
ACU Office Rugby
Thank you for your continuing support of the ACU Benevolent Fund in its endeavors 
to support those 
(that are or have been or family of ACU members, 
competitors, officials, or Centre board officials.) 
who have fallen on hard times.
Yours sincerely
Roy Hanks