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A Busy Day for the Mike Hailwood Foundation


The Mike Hailwood Foundation’s cafe is situated directly behind the scrutineering bays at the Grandstand. It is open daily throughout the TT and MGP fortnight for sandwiches, snacks, cold and hot drinks. The proceeds go to supporting the newcomer weekends for prospective riders to the TT / MGP.


One rider who the Hailwood Foundation supported was the late James Cowton, who lost his life in a crash at the 2018 Southern 100. Money raised after James’ death has been donated by the Cowton family to the Hailwood Foundation. This has been spent on a plaque and a retractable awning for the outside of their building. The unveiling ceremony took place on Tuesday morning.


Jim Hunter, travelling marshal and a representative of the Hailwood Foundation, gave a heartfelt speech before James’s partner Chloe and dad Fran had the honour of unveiling the plaque. Chloe then gave a moving tribute to James and thanked the Hailwood Foundation.


 Fran Cowton and Chloe Black having unveiled the James Cowton plaque.

Later in the morning the Hailwood Foundation gave out a number of grants to various newcomers and riders they are supporting. These included solo riders Pierre Yves Bian, Nathan Harrison, Mike Browne, Stephen Parsons and sidecar crews Estelle Leblond, Shaun and Ben Chandler and last but not least the Crowe brothers Ryan and Callum.


French sidecar crew Estelle Leblond and Clement Carre at the Hailwood Centre


Callum and Rayn Crowe after receiving their Hailwood Foundation award.

The police gave an update of the speeding conviction this morning with the score now being 21 home and 29 away people being fined!!


Bushy’s beer tent at the Villa Marina Gardens is charging £2 to get into the venue but the bitter is only £3:50 a pint, cheaper than at the Grandstand. The Bottleneck car park next to the Sea Terminal is £2:30 for an hour and then rising to £3:10 for two hours which is a bit of a rip off. There are also payment machines on the entrance doors to the public toilets at the Grandstand which will cost 20p when operable. They are currently not in use for the TT. Douglas Corporation is clearly trying to increase their revenues!!


Mike Hammonds